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Experts in delivering Peak Kentico Performance since 2008.

Our Company

At Codesummit, we know you don’t need a website. You need more business. That’s why we align your website and online marketing plans with your business goals and overarching marketing strategies. We integrate with your technologies, increase user engagement and deliver meaningful KPIs. We call this Peak Web Performance™. And it only happens when you work with the right technology partner.

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Our Services

From Kentico new development to site upgrades, our certified development team has been working with Kentico for over a decade and has successfully delivered hundreds of sites on Kentico. We can design it from the ground up, or work with your team to meet your needs. From creating Mobile Responsive designs, to working with any Kentico feature you need, the Codesummit team is ready.

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Our Experience

Since 2008 Codesummit has used the Kentico platform to deliver sophisticated, responsive websites and web applications to its clients.

With over 100,000 hours delivering Kentico websites covering more than 250 projects, Codesummit's team is expert at getting the most from Kentico to meet client needs. Codesummit is a Top 25 U.S. Kentico Gold Partner.

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100,000 + Hours of Kentico Development

250 + Projects Delivered

1,000 Kentico Version Upgrades

Why Kentico 12?

Web Content Management & Online Marketing Platform Powered by Modern .NET MVC Technology


Marketers can be truly independent from developers.



With MVC in Kentico 12, you can get your campaigns live faster than ever.


A one-of-a-kind visitor experience is more possible than before with personalization and A/B testing right in the Pages application.

PLUS standard Kentico features that are essential for today's businesses:


Email Marketing

Data Protection

Marketing Automation

Not Sure Where to Begin? Get a Free Site Assessment!

If you are thinking of moving to Kentico 12 and need to know more about the development effort, let Codesummit do a free assessment of your current site. We can review your code for customizations that may cause issues, review any pitfalls, assess your database integrity and more. 
Codesummit will "score" the following areas to give you a rating for the ease or difficulty of a move to Kentico: 
Migration to Kentico • Kentico to Kentico Version API changes • Kentico Version and Hotfix • Kentico internal site structure • Kentico Development Method • HTML / Markup • Database Integrity  • Server and Hosting • Error Logs • Site Speed • and more...

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