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Power BI Exposes Information, Codesummit Transforms it into Knowledge

Businesses are generating data faster than at any time in history. This encompasses transactional data, online content, internal content, raw web analytic data and more. All of this data has tremendous value which can make your business more productive, profitable, and faster to respond to change.

Leverage your data to avoid wasted opportunities

No matter where your data lives, Codesummit can surface business intelligence through Microsoft Power BI. We leverage this industry-leading platform to give you the information you are missing in order to improve your business outcomes.

  • Transform data into visuals that allow fast recognition of business trends. 
  • Aggregate data from any source into one location where data can be modeled and analyzed. 
  • Share interactive reports through Power BI.

Data Utilization and Flow

Check the flow of data and files

Whether it is Cloud or On-Prem, Databases or Files we can track the flow of information around your organization. Do you need to know what information is accessed the most, and who is accessing it? What about checking your server or database utilization against each business role? Need to see how many emails go through Exchange or Office 365? All of these reports can help decide if your IT infrastructure is sized for your usage or if there are possible misuses in the system.


HR and Resource Management

Get the most out of people

Are your employees and contractors working to their full potential? Are they performing better than their peers? We can help find the data sources that might surface the best and worst of your resources. If tracking has been a struggle in the past, Codesummit can help create tracking tools across your organization. Our reports are often used to define internal processes that help people to be more efficient.

Marketing Analytics

Get the most out of your Marketing Strategies

Is your Marketing producing the leads that your sales channel needs? With Power BI, Codesummit connects every aspect of your marketing and sales funnels to create valuable insights. With more information, your strategies turn into winning strategies. Anywhere your business touches a customer, prospect or lead and data exists, Codesummit can connect all of these sources for in-depth multidimensional analysis. Here are some of the sources we have connected for a complete solution: Website, CRM, Email, Social Media, Point of Sale, Phone, SMS, Membership Systems, On-Site feedback and more.

Codesummit Advanced Analytics Services

How much longer can you let the lack of information keep you from achieving more?

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Process Efficiencies

Process improvement based on Business Intelligence

There are processes and patterns in every business which may be helping the business succeed. Without the ability to view that data in easy-to-read reports, you will not know if the pattern needs a process, or if the process needs improvement. Codesummit leverages the Power BI platform to collect data wherever it lives and determine where efficiency opportunities exist.

Azure and Microsoft Connections

Bring it all home with Azure Cloud

As a Microsoft Silver Partner in Cloud Solutions, Codesummit can create complete cloud solutions in Azure and to centralize your vital Business Intelligence assets. With Data Warehousing, CMS solutions and connections to everything Microsoft, Codesummit gets you in the cloud, and embeds complete Business Intelligence solutions in your IT Infrastructure.

Microsoft Silver Partner - Codesummit