Kentico Xperience 13

Leading the future of DXP platforms.

Microsoft Office 365Kentico Xperience 13 is here.

Accelerating effective digital communication for businesses worldwide, this latest version of the award-winning DXP brings a host of features and improvements for marketers and developers, setting them up for the future. 

Key Features and Updates in Kentico 13:

Future-Proof Web Framework

Kentico Xperience 13 provides the latest technologies for the development of websites and web solutions. By running a live site application on the ASP.NET Core MVC framework, developers can benefit from better load times and website performance with lower footprint, and they can process bigger amounts of data and traffic with fewer resources.

Best-of-Breed Marketing Automation

New Marketing Automation interface makes creating and managing automation processes intuitive and easy, reducing the time needed to execute initiatives. New features like time-based triggers and out-of-the-box templates help you improve and streamline customer communication and reach them at the right time with the right information.

Platform Enhancements

New Page Type features, Search, Dynamic Routing and more boost productivity and reduce developer resources. Kentico Pages and Objects can be synchronized with any third-party systems with existing integration to Zapier, Integration Bus or a REST API. Kentico Xperience 13 contains a full-blown feature set for the MVC development model.

Reusable Content

Kentico Xperience 13 provides a full-fledged feature set to create pages, sections, and various elements by reusing existing content. It saves time by eliminating content duplication and updating content in multiple places. Instead, content can be updated in one place and distributed across a website.

Kentico Toolkit

The Kentico Toolkit for third-party platforms speeds up development and empowers marketers. It allows users to integrate with CRMs and SiteImprove, and also conduct health and performance auditing. The toolkit also helps companies onboard new project members and expand DXP competencies in their teams.

Azure Hosted and Integrated

Kentico Xperience integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure, the most powerful web hosting platform. A London Research Report found that by marrying the award-winning DXP with Azure, businesses reduced costs, saved time and resources, and improved customer experience. Codesummit hosts all its client sites on Azure.

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