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Azure Customer Story: Rolls Royce

Post Date:January 27, 2020

Rolls Royce uses an Azure IoT suite to identify performance and operational efficiencies. With thousands of sensors in a single engine, it's imperative to have the tools to read and understand them.

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Azure Customer Story: Ecolab

Post Date:January 21, 2020

By 2030, global demand for water will surpass supply by 40%. That's why @Ecolab uses Microsoft Azure and PowerBI to help customers produce better with much less water.

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5 Lessons to Learn from Neil Peart

Post Date:January 15, 2020

I have always admired Neil Peart, the drummer and main lyricist for the rock band Rush, he is considered by many to be the greatest rock drummer of all time ... His death at the age of 67 from brain cancer prompted me to share five lessons to learn from him.

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Azure Customer Story: KEXP

Post Date:January 13, 2020

KEXP is known internationally for their music and authenticity. To help bring their global audience the music they want, KEXP needed to find a solution that could bring all of their services online.

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The Cloud Conundrum

Post Date:December 18, 2019

Today, the shift to Cloud computing is again disrupting IT paradigms and skills. The benefits of Cloud Computing for any business are clear, though you might not be aware of it. 

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Azure Customer Story: Thomson Reuters

Post Date:December 09, 2019

The developers at Thomson Reuters needed to create a scalable cloud infrastructure capable of keeping their e-billing system safe. With tools like Azure SQL and Machine Learning, they automated and secured their e-billing system.

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Azure Customer Story: Zespri

Post Date:November 25, 2019

In the wake of disruption from an earthquake and plant virus, the world's largest marketer of kiwifruit, Zespri, moved SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, reducing IT costs and increasing agility while keeping their business running smoothly.

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Teams and Productivity, A Vision Achieved

Post Date:November 19, 2019

You might be unsure of Microsoft’s Vision statement, ”to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” I suggest you are not using Microsoft Teams.

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The Delightful Dashboard

Post Date:November 13, 2019

Running any business is hard, especially for small businesses where everything seems to fall to the owner or small group of managers. One item that I have found invaluable in keeping the business on track is the Dashboard.

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Azure Customer Story: Maersk

Post Date:November 12, 2019

Since transitioning to Microsoft Azure, Maersk, a logistics company and global container shipping leader, has dramatically reduced their time to market, improved their performance and reduced their operational risk.

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Analyze This! Ok, We Can Do That.

Post Date:November 05, 2019

With web as a central focus for many organizations over the last several years, we have been able to utilize PowerBI to perform deep analysis of everything from web traffic to e-commerce sales funnels. As our business has grown, so have the opportunities to leverage PowerBI.

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Post Date:November 04, 2019

Microsoft Azure is a flexible, open, and secure platform. It grants you access to a broad collection of tools you can integrate into your IT environment.

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Technology is ever changing, and content is ever-growing, so how do you align content strategy and technology?

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Azure Customer Story: Nakilat

Post Date:October 28, 2019

Leading maritime company Nakilat reduced operating costs by 50% with Microsoft Azure.

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The Next Best Greatest Thing Ever

Post Date:October 23, 2019

The only constant is change, and change is good when applied for improvement and not just in chasing the latest thing.

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10 Considerations for Disaster Recovery

Post Date:October 16, 2019

Just as you would stock your home with supplies before a hurricane, it's necessary to prepare your IT infrastructure and operations before a proverbial storm hits.

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Kentico Connections 2019 in Denver just wrapped up, and the future of Kentico EMS is now a little clearer for us.

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Azure Customer Story: Allscripts

Post Date:October 14, 2019

Allscripts, a leading healthcare software manufacturer, acquired two companies in 2017. To ensure their new datacenter assets had a home fast, they brought on Microsoft Azure.

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Disaster or Inconvenience?

Post Date:October 08, 2019

I remember on more than one occasion hearing horror stories from business owners. “That computer had all of our financial data on it,” or “That power failure cost us a lot".... These common scenarios are the typical results of not having a Disaster Recovery plan.

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Azure Customer Story: Fleet Complete

Post Date:October 02, 2019

Shortly after a surge in business, Fleet Complete had to kick into disaster recovery mode when the head office in Toronto, Canada was flooded.

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Kentico's blog post, "How to Leverage Kentico and Microsoft Azure" explains the benefits for businesses when these two entities are integrated - something Codesummit's been doing since 2011.

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Yesterday marked 15 years to the day that Kentico CMS was developed. Codesummit has been proud to partner with Kentico for the past 10 years.

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Web Development Firm Sets Future Sights on Gold Level

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Provides Client with an Easy-to Use and Highly Secure Checkout Process for Site Visitors

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Packages Combine Website, Technology and Marketing Services in One

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