Kentico Development Services

We Deliver Peak Kentico Performance

A Top 25 U.S. Kentico Gold Partner with over a decade of Kentico experience,  Codesummit will deliver Peak Kentico Performance™.

New Website Development

Modern, Mobile, Fast, Interactive Sites

Building a new Kentico website requires careful planning and execution. Getting it right from the start will give you the best ROI and longevity out of your investment. Our certified development team has been working with Kentico for over a decade and we have successfully delivered hundreds of sites on Kentico. We can design it from the ground up, or work with your team to meet your needs. From creating Mobile Responsive designs, to working with any Kentico feature you need, the Codesummit team is ready.



Add to your bottom line

Transactional sites require special skills around security, UI, marketing and more. We are the partner that has the capabilities these high-value sites require. We securely integrate with payment systems, ERP and CRM, and meet PCI compliance standards. We can also integrate with your ecommerce marketing campaigns to help deliver sales directly to your bottom line. Codesummit also has partnerships with Heartland Payment Systems if you're looking for a payment provider.

Web Applications

Advanced web functionality for your business

Kentico is not just a CMS, but a complete web framework which is capable of delivering more than just content. Codesummit has developed advanced web applications for health care, financial, industrial, government and service-based businesses. If your business requires a complete interactive web application solution, Codesummit can deliver.

Leveraging Kentico reduces the amount of code that needs to be written or maintained, significantly lowering your long term platform cost. We integrate Kentico with your content, external systems and microservices to create an application hub that delivers high-ROI over start-from-scratch development.


Communications starts at home

Information delivery to your internal team can be difficult, Codesummit has an intranet solution that gets information to your staff, contractors, partners, vendors and anyone you allow access. We can connect to your Office 365 or external authentication system so access is easy to add or revoke. We can replace paper or pdf forms with interactive online forms that route the data to other systems. For a complete intranet solution, contact Codesummit.


Kentico MVC

The Future is now

The future of C# Development is MVC, and Kentico is transitioning to this new model to deliver even more for business. Codesummit has embraced the MVC development model and can create your Kentico site using Portal Mode, MVC or a combination. We can even upgrade you to the latest version and begin your migration without jeopardizing past development. For more about what MVC means for your business and your Kentico site, contact our technical sales team.

Upgrades and Hot Fixes

Keep your Kentico website up to date

Codesummit offers the experience of nearly one thousand upgrades - we can upgrade your site. Codesummit will upgrade you from any version to the current version efficiently, keeping your costs down. Codesummit has been upgrading Kentico sites for over 10 years, through every version. No matter who built the site, Codesummit has the experience to get your Kentico site current.

New Feature Development

You imagine it, we build it

Innovation is what powers business and Codesummit is ready to create the features you need to make your website deliver. Codesummit will carefully review your business goals before we start to plan the most efficient and effective method to deliver the functionality you need. We often leverage the Kentico features in ways that maximize the platform, while keeping costs low. We also can extend Kentico beyond the features of the platform to meet your specific needs.

Support and Maintenance

More than support, much more

Your Kentico site is an investment that extracts the value out of your Content and Marketing Strategy. This requires a site that is easy to use, a site you can maintain, a site you can upgrade, and a site that delivers Peak Web Performance™. Codesummit offers flexible packages that you can use for maintenance, training, general support, new development, hotfixes and upgrades, content management and more.

Project Management and DevOps

Azure DevOps is at the core of every project we undertake.

With clearly defined processes and the tools to deliver, Codesummit is bringing increasing value to your development project. Codesummit leverages Azure DevOps tools to create a complete development workflow and project lifecycle within an Agile Development framework. Our process extends beyond the DevOps basics to include more technology and information to deliver success.

Kentico EMS Features

The Enterprise Marketing Suite is a complete solution for Content and Marketing needs of your business.

Getting the most out of the system means understanding your Marketing Goals and Strategies to help deliver the technology you need. Codesummit has both marketing and development experts who connect features and results. We can help with your entire marketing process from creating marketing emails, to developing personas, A/B testing, content personalization and more. We can also assist your staff to work independently without the need for developer assistance. For a complete overview of this powerful platform, contact our EMS experts for your free demonstration.


Connect Kentico with any system or web service to meet your business needs.

Connecting to your CRM, ERP, or other system extends the value of your Kentico website. We have connected Kentico with dozens of systems over the last decade and continue to connect more. Codesummit carefully plans, then advises, on the best and lowest-cost method to connect to keep the long-term ROI high. Here are just some of the systems we have connected with Kentico including one way and bi-directional connections:

AS 400
Azure AI
Azure CDN
Azure DevOps
Azure Logic Apps
Azure Search
Azure SQL
Bing Search
Dynamics 365
Dynamics CRM
FedEx Ship Manager
Google Search Appliance
Heartland Payment Systems
Microsoft Power BI
Office 365
QuickBooks Online
Sales Logix
UPS Shipping
Your Membership
Many Custom Internal Applications
Microsoft Silver Partner - Codesummit