Azure AI and Cognitive Services

Work Smarter, without thinking about it.

Artificial Intelligence Productivity for Virtually Every Scenario   

Azure AI

Every business challenge needs a resolution, but sometimes just identifying where the issues exist is the challenge.

Azure AI gives Codesummit the tools necessary for building your next business application to run smarter. Your ability to find issues before they become challenges increases. Your application built by Codesummit with Azure AI will provide the productivity and customer satisfaction you have been missing. 

Azure Bot Services

Quality Customer service starts with the ability to quickly answer common questions.

Having someone on hand to do so can be a burden on resources. Enter Azure AI and Codesummit's ability to add smart chat and chatbots to you website or web application. These AI powered helpers can relieve the burden of 24-7 customer service without the customer being aware they were helped by a virtual assistant. Codesummit can create seamless transitions from bot to human when the issues goes beyond the FAQ and requires interaction. Codesummit can offer other types of AI powered customer interactions that can improves sales, services and productivity.

Cognitive Services

Content is a valuable asset only if your business can organize and access it.

Manually sifting through large quantities of varied content, of attempting to manually catalog web pages, videos, images, and more can create huge burdens on a business. With Azure Cognitive Services, Codesummit can bring AI to help catalog your content. Imagine the ability to search through a scanned PDF, the dialog in a video, or photo of a product as easily as you can the content of a web page. 

Machine Learning

Azure Machine learning is the AI that learns from you to improve your business.

Codesummit can take your business processes and teach them to be smarter through text, image or video analysis. Make better decisions, make better products, or deliver better services with the power of Azure Machine Learning together with Codesummit Machine Learning Services.

How much longer can you go without harnessing AI and Machine Learning to improve your site's user experience?

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