Azure DevOps

Plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with a set of modern dev services.

Azure DevOps is at the core of every project we undertake.

With clearly defined processes and the tools to deliver, Codesummit is bringing increasing value to your development project. Codesummit leverages Microsoft's Azure DevOps tools to create a complete development workflow and project lifecycle. Our process extends beyond the DevOps basics to include more technology and information to deliver success.

Azure DevOps Boards

It all starts with Agile Scrum Project planning.

Your project benefits from the productivity and fast delivery of Agile. Azure DevOps boards brings insight into the process, tracking every aspect from planning, development through QA and deployment. You can be assured all of your business goals are being met. Codesummit aligns our teams with yours through this powerful planning tool.

Azure Repos

Once your project development starts we maximize teamwork with multiple tools.

Repos are where your code lives throughout development, allowing close collaboration during multi-developer production. With support for multiple type of code repositories, Codesummit can work independently or side-by-side with your team delivering the components needed for success. With easy rollback and file histories and multiple code branches, these repos fit perfectly in the Agile DevOps workflow.

Microsoft Teams

If Repos are where the code lives, Teams are where the ideas and collaboration happen.

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate hub for working, communicating, sharing and succeeding. Integrated with DevOps Boards and other workflow technologies, Teams collaboration is core to the Agile Project methodology. Codesummit can connect your team with ours for a fully integrated partnership.

Azure Pipelines

Build and deploy with confidence.

Once your project is ready for production, Codesummit brings this powerful deployment tool to your Azure Web Application project. With the ability to move code easily through the software development lifecycle and back if necessary, Pipelines have changed the speed and success of project delivery. Development and deployment now carry less risk with Azure Pipelines.

Azure Integrations

Leverage all of your data, everywhere.

The most powerful aspect of the Azure platform is the ability to integrate with other Microsoft Technologies to meet your project needs. Data can move freely and securely through the platform with a number of tools and API's, allowing customization to meet any scenario. Azure also brings many built-in connections to external services and sources, keeping data secure and productive.

Azure Logic Apps

Harness the power of automation.

Microsoft is all about Business Productivity and Logic Apps is the Pinnacle. At the core of Azure lies this flexible, powerful automation platform. Connecting all of your applications to create optimized processes increases productivity and profit.

Insights and Analytics

Leverage the value of your data.

To measure the success of your project you need to have clear business goals, and clear business insights. These insights come through analytics, and Power BI is the best-in-class analytics platform. Codesummit integrates all of your data so you know right away where your projects failed and where they succeeded.

How much longer can you allow holes in your project development to hinder productivity?

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