Kentico Site Upgrades

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Keep your Kentico website up to date for the best DXP experience, with Kentico Upgrades.

Codesummit offers the experience of nearly one thousand upgrades - we can upgrade your site. Codesummit will upgrade you from any version to the current version efficiently, keeping your costs down. Codesummit has been upgrading Kentico sites for over 10 years, through every version. No matter who built the site, Codesummit has the experience to get your Kentico site current.

Each major version has brought unique challenges as Kentico has improved their product. We look forward to bringing our experience and Kentico-approved process to your website.

If you're ready to get started, just ask for our Free Upgrade Assessment.

Kentico Upgrade for Codesummit Customers

If Codesummit built your site and you're on a support package, upgrades are no problem - just ask and we'll schedule the upgrade and project delivery plan. For Kentico Hotfixes, we already have a plan in place to update the necessary bug and security updates that happen between upgrade cycles.

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Migrate vs. Upgrade

Are you looking for a new design, maybe a better experience with your site? Rather than upgrade, Codesummit offers a fresh start for your Kentico website. Building on our Peak Web Performance™ philosophy, Codesummit will take your existing Kentico content and migrate it to a new Kentico instance with a new design. We can reorganize your content, better structure your site to help manage that content, and give you the latest features.

Hot Fix and Code Fix

Are you having issues with your Kentico site due to a potential bug? Codesummit can find and fix your issues, get you on the latest Hot Fix or diagnose your internal code errors. With over 10 years of working with the Kentico API's and code, we have the experience to find your issues and fix it.

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New Feature Training

Now that you have a new Kentico DXP, what can you do with it? Codesummit upgrades include feature review and training for new version features. We can even train you on existing features with one of our training packages. Training can be remote, or on-site. We can train you on everything from simple content management to advance development. We have trained many Kentico Certified Developers over our 10+ years as a Top 25 Kentico Gold partner. 

Upgrade Your License

Is your Kentico license up to date? Have you paid your maintenance and support? Codesummit can help you assess your license status and find the most affordable way to get your license current. We offer our customers discounts on license fees and can include them as part of any upgrade process.

Support Packages

Codesummit offers flexible support packages you can use for anything related to your Kentico site. Want to upgrade or Hot Fix? Need new development or integrations? Need training? Codesummit Support Packages cover it all. A Codesummit support package offers you discounts up to 35% off Codesummit's hourly rates, which are already below market average.

Free Upgrade Assessment

If you are thinking of getting on the latest version and need to know more about the upgrade effort, let Codesummit do a free upgrade assessment of your current site. We can review your code for customizations that may cause upgrade issues, review the version-to-version pitfalls, assess your database integrity and more. 
Codesummit will "score" the following areas to give you a rating for the ease or difficulty of an upgrade. 
We review these areas:
Kentico to Kentico Version API changes • Kentico Version and Hotfix • Kentico internal site structure • Kentico Development Method • HTML / Markup • Database Integrity  • Server and Hosting • Error Logs • Site Speed • and more...

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