Peak Performance Packages™

Alignment of every aspect of your online presence is what makes the Peak Performance Packages™ unique.

Peak Performance Package™ Options:
elevate • explore • expand • excel
All of the packages include: 

Domain Name / Sitemap Wireframe / Custom-Designed Marketing Strategy / Kentico CMS / Secure Azure Hosting / SEO / Social Media Marketing / Office 365 / Google Search Console Setup / and More

Most businesses use one source for their website, another for SEO, marketing and technology. This causes a misalignment of valuable resources. Codesummit takes all of these fragments and integrates them, increasing your overall effectiveness and improving your likelihood of success. It’s the complete online solution for your business.

Important aspects such as SEO and customer experiences are integrated with the site from the start, all of these are strategically aligned with business goals. The combination of Enterprise Technology and business-goal focused strategic alignment is key to the long-term success of the Peak Performance Packages™.


Put Yourself Above the Competition

The elevate package is our basic Peak Performance Package™. Perfect for the business whose brand is out there but wants to reach new heights with a stronger online presence.


Now That You’ve Arrived, Discover New Things.

The explore package builds on the basic package to take your website and marketing to the next level. It has more content migration capabilities for businesses with a larger-scale existing site, as well as advanced marketing tactics, analytics and reporting.


Leverage What You’ve Found and Add to What’s Working.

The expand package goes beyond the explore package to increase your website presence and marketing efforts through advanced SEO, email marketing tactics and premium-level search engine marketing and reporting. You will develop a greater knowledge of your consumers’ views of your brand and be able to promote your content to them in new ways through social response management and expanded features.


Achieve the Greatest Outcomes Possible Through New Opportunities and Features.

The excel package is the pinnacle of our offering, and its value is based on your specific website and marketing needs. It encompasses everything in the expand package, plus online marketing tactics such as content personalization, marketing automation, persona creation and multivariate testing.

Peak Performance for Enterprise

Codesummit also offers a comprehensive set of services, software and security for your enterprise website or web application.