Kentico and Codesummit Connect to the Future

Kentico Connections 2019 in Denver just wrapped up, and the future of Kentico EMS is now a little clearer for us. 

Connections is Kentico’s annual partner conference, which we have attended since the first one back in 2011. That conference, also in Denver, debuted the release of Kentico 6 and some of the advanced marketing and workflow features Kentico has continued to improve over the years.

Kentico is going through a strategic shift for their platform, a fundamental change to how sites are developed. 

While this new development model, called MVC, has been available since version 10, the change will remove the traditional Portal engine starting in the next version. Codesummit is committed to the platform and believes the change is for the best. The next version, Kentico 2020, (Code Name "Phoenix") will be released in September 2020.  

What Does This Mean for Existing Customers? 

If you are on a Kentico version earlier than 12 and using Portal mode, our upgrade process will get you to Kentico 12. There are improvements made in Kentico which make K12 (Code name "Raptor") worth a look. 

Upgrading beyond Kentico 12 for customers will mean updating the front-end of the site under the MVC model. 

We also can perform an upgrade and template migration to MVC, but this may require some manual intervention for certain pages. If you are interested in the new and future versions of Kentico EMS with MVC, we can help you evaluate the benefits of upgrades and migrations. 

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Codesummit is committed to keeping upgrade costs low, and conversions to MVC (including using MVC in Kentico 12), through processes we have built to accelerate creating these new templates. 

What if I Want Kentico 12 Now? 

Kentico 12 supports both MVC and Portal engine, and we have multiple customers launching new Kentico 12 sites using both Portal Engine and MVC. Both approaches are still valid, even thought MVC represents the future, support for Kentico 12 Portal Engine will continue for several years. We also are creating a path forward for customers using Portal Engine now, so they can take advantage of MVC without a complete rebuild. 

Portal Engine implementations are still faster to build utilizing Codesummit’s Peak Performance process. 

There are still a lot of missing features in Kentico 12 MVC vs Portal mode, so we work with each client to help you make a decision based on your particular needs. 

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What About the Future? 

We will continue to work with Kentico and keep tabs on the progress of Kentico 2020, through their Partner Beta program. Codesummit is committed to puttting our Peak Performance for Enterprise process to work with MVC versions in the future. We are also continuing to add features, improve performance, ease of use and security. 

Codesummit is always available for free consultations to help make your next web project successful.

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