Japanese Waitress and Self-Taught Power BI/Azure Developer Digitally Transforms Restaurant Industry

For Akiyoshi Shinobu, a waitress at Ebiya restaurant in Ise, Japan, creating superb dining experience for customers and a great place to work for colleagues has always been a passion. To accomplish both, she enrolled in a nearby computer school, and on her own time, taught herself Microsoft Power BI and Azure, and also became proficient in machine learning and A.I. Her immediate goal was to visualize the data generated by customer visits in order to improve the dining experience, deliver better service, and reduce food waste by the restaurant. 

Today, the applications that she developed for Ebiya have been so effective, and become so well respected, that other restaurants and larger enterprises in the food service industry are calling upon Akiyoshi to help solve their problems. Watch the video to learn more about her incredible story.

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