Codesummit Partners with Heartland Payment Systems to Create Peak Performance E-Commerce Offering

Brecksville, Ohio – Codesummit, LLC recently partnered with Heartland Payment Systems to create its first Peak Performance e-commerce offering,, developed to launch and sell a new wine decanter invented by client, TFB Consultants, LTD, called the WinePrO2 Proactive DecanterTM.
Due to the importance of the product launch, TFB Consultants, LTD selected the Excel package, the highest and customized level of Peak Performance Packages™. The WinePrO2 website was developed using Kentico EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution), an all-in-one CMS, e-commerce, and online marketing platform that provides advanced e-commerce and marketing features such as content personalization, marketing automation, Salesforce integration, social media Integration and e-commerce tracking.  
“We knew it was crucial for our client to have an easy-to-use but robust site that could integrate online payments and Fedex shipping while providing a smooth customer journey to consumers,” explains Brad Vrudney, Codesummit CEO and Chief Web Developer. 
Codesummit partnered with Heartland Payment Systems in order to provide the most secure online checkout experience for consumers on the site. Heartland Payment Systems provides industry-leading data security solutions to protect merchants and their customers from data breaches and credit card fraud. 
“It was an easy choice to go with Heartland Payment Systems – they provide the best security along with an easy-to-use platform for our e-commerce clients, as well as a smooth integration with Kentico EMS,” shares Jeff Mihalich, Codesummit President. 
Prior to site launch, Codesummit met with Belcher to develop the online marketing plan that would be implemented to promote the WinePrO2 based on his desired business goals. This plan included search engine marketing, social media marketing, public relations, email marketing and other marketing tools/strategies to build brand awareness and product sales. 
The Peak Performance Packages™ are designed for small to mid-sized businesses and are for a two-year commitment, with continued measurement against client business goals on a regular basis, based on package level. For more information visit:  
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