Analyze This! Ok, We Can Do That.

By Jeff Mihalich, President

When we decided as an organization to standardize our business around Microsoft Technologies we were focused on a .NET based web CMS called Kentico. While this is still a primary focus of our company, all of the technology surrounding web delivery grew over time. We adopted Azure as our hosting platform, then one day discovered PowerBI

If you are not familiar with PowerBI, it is Microsoft's Business Intelligence tool, and in our opinion, the best BI platform available. 

With web as a central focus for many organizations over the last several years, we have been able to utilize PowerBI to perform deep analysis of everything from web traffic to e-commerce sales funnels. As our business has grown, so have the opportunities to leverage PowerBI. 

When we engage customers and start to show them our standard PowerBI reports, I usually get the question, “Can you analyze this?”, and after a brief pause I usually respond with, “Sure, we can do that.” 

PowerBI allows us to connect to virtually any data source, model that data and report it in a number of ways. We can also cross reference data from different sources without having to actually connect them. If we can related the data in some way, PowerBI can create a report. 

For example, we have a customer report which has four different data sources; A government web site, Azure SQL database, a spreadsheet stored in Office 365 online, and customer support portal. All of the data is maintained by different individuals, and one of them is completely outside of the organization. 

The insights and drill-down reporting in PowerBI is where a lot of the magic happens. Some of our first internal reports exposed information of which we were not aware. The value of this information helped us increase customer satisfaction and sales.

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