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Kentico Web CMS on Azure  

At the center of your business communication strategy lives content, and this content is one of your most valuable assets. Unleashing the power of your content requires an enterprise Web Content Management System and the most powerful web hosting platform ever built, Microsoft Azure. Codesummit has launched hundreds of enterprise websites leveraging Kentico CMS and Kentico EMS - we host all of our client sites on Microsoft Azure.

Azure CDN

Kentico CMS integrated with Azure Content Delivery Network brings your content to desktop, mobile, and everywhere at speeds that help you achieve Peak Web Performance™™. Azure CDN delivers your content everywhere around the globe in an instant. 

Azure SQL

Azure SQL Database is the intelligent, fully managed relational cloud database service. Your web content deserves the best databased service in the Cloud and Codesummit provides the solution by backing our Web CMS deployments with Azure SQL databases. In addition to security, speed, access and disaster recovery, Azure SQL delivers your content to today's omnichannel experiences.


With increasing data breaches and criminal activity on the web, you need Kentico CMS on Azure built by the experts at Codesummit. Your website, content and business reputation are safe on Microsoft Azure.  

Marketing Automation 

If your marketing strategies are not utilizing marketing automation, you're missing out on valuable transactions. Codesummit delivers options to build a Web CMS that includes multiple, integrated technologies to deliver Enterprise Marketing Automation. Codesummit can deliver multiple technical solutions including Kentico EMS, Azure Logic Apps, or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Codesummit is a Kentico Gold Partner

How much longer can you go without a secure CDN and automation tools to help you streamline your content delivery and marketing efforts?

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