Summit Resort Travel used an existing property management system to book lodging, but used spreadsheets to manually track lodging reservations and concierge services. They also used a manual credit card process through phone and fax. Summit Resort Travel was not leveraging technology to automate internal processes, thus limiting their growth potential.


Codesummit was engaged to build a system which would eliminate manual tracking methods and manual credit card processing. The new system would also add features such as payment reminders and automated customer communications. The system also needed to support three different business units and their related branding. This system needed to allow agents to create new and customized products in real time.


Codesummit captured all workflow scenarios and nuances to payment processing and tracking, implementing a custom e-commerce solution built on Kentico CMS. Order entry screens allowed agents to efficiently fill customer requests and send formatted invoices to a customer’s email. System tasks were utilized to track travel dates, send final payment notifications and travel instructions. Using Kentico CMS’s sophisticated reporting system, custom reports were developed to show profitability across business units and products allowing Summit Resort Travel to focus marketing efforts on their most profitable products and services.



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