The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans (CVR) enlisted Codesummit to help create an affordable site capable of communicating with their members, sending out newsletters and creating blog posts and news article updates. Developmentally, the site would need to determine user permissions site wide, control editors and administrators and funnel users to specific points on the site. The overall purpose of the site was to create an informational online presence that was functional, easy to update and intuitive to navigate.


The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans (CVR) began as a grass roots effort by a small group of like-minded citizens. The club quickly grew into a 1,000+-person 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. CVR’s rapid growth led them to realize the need for a web initiative and online presence so members would be informed and information readily disseminated to include a broader base. CVR felt responsibility and purpose as like-minded civic leaders to create a broader online community to include, inform and represent area constituents. They wanted the ability to quickly and easily update information, communicate through blogs, online newsletters and email functionality. Kentico was the perfect choice.


Codesummit created a clean, modern-looking site built on the Kentico 7 platform, which has recently been updated to Kentico 8. The site is search engine optimized, employs responsive design and includes forms, news feeds and the like. This new website provides CVR with the web presence and communications solution they were searching for while solidifying their political disposition.



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