Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: GTLS) is a leading independent global manufacturer of standard and custom engineered products and systems for a wide variety of cryogenic and gas processing applications. Chart equipment is used in the production, storage, distribution and end-use of atmospheric and industrial gases as well as natural gas itself. Chart Parts is the online store for OEM replacement parts for every product manufactured by Chart Industries, and more. Chart had a great deal of existing marketing content that needed to be migrated over. This content was structured with outdated HTML markup, causing a direct port to be unrealistic. Existing branding and legacy page layouts limited site redesign possibilities. Chart Parts required integration with JD Edwards Enterprise One and also with a custom part configurator tool. Out of the box discounting systems weren’t adequate for the complex needs of this international B2B system with overlapping buying groups, price overrides and other discount requirements, so a custom discounting system needed to be built. But because of it’s highly flexible and extensible properties and our in depth knowledge of the Kentico system, we were able to customize code bridges for any gaps. The checkout process also lacked the features needed for Chart Parts, such as purchase order handling, custom shipping methods and advanced business validation requirements. This ecommerce site was required to be built on a single page checkout form and had to link to their enterprise fulfillment and shipping software at the Chart Parts Distribution Center. Chart Industries selected a payment gateway product from 3 Delta Systems called CardVault that also required the development of additional custom payment gateway components.


Chart Industries was looking to accomplish the following initiatives:
•Create a centralized, international marketplace for all Chart Industries’ OEM replacement parts
•Build a PCI-compliant ecommerce site to replace the aging, non-compliant existing site
•Construct an ecommerce site that was easy to maintain and manage yet could be flexible enough to handle thousands of products while maintaining the consistent brand image of Chart Industries
•Integrate with existing ERP systems
•Effectively present and organize products in the appropriate hierarchy.
•Stability critical – Chart Industries existing website infrastructure experienced multiple downtimes and failures as they were rapidly growing


The Codesummit and Chart Industries teams laid out a strategy to prioritize the migrations that were necessary and research and planning went into the development of the site. Custom import tools were built to pull content into Kentico from the existing site, stripping it of HTML elements that interfered with the new design. Using the doc types in Kentico, it allowed us to identify main data points and help organize and present information consistently for all products. A custom import tool was built to migrate Chart Part parts into the new system in order to handle the deep department hierarchy needed by the Chart Parts site. Kentico’s robust API allowed the importing of all parts, departments and their associated images programmatically.



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