Chart Industries was faced with several major challenges. Rapid growth and expansion left its existing website presence outdated and not reflective of the billion dollar business it had become. In addition, as Chart Industries continued to acquire subsidiaries across its core business units, it accumulated a large portfolio of disparate branding that didn’t represent a cohesive multinational business. Chartparts, a multi-million dollar replacement parts business, was built on an aging non-PCI compliant system requiring replacement to ensure compliance, security, and an opportunity for continued growth. Finally, Chart Industries needed a way to allow individual subject matter experts within its growing, geographically- dispersed organization to provide timely updates to content within their respective areas.


Chart Industries was looking to accomplish the following initiatives:
● Move all sites to a centralized platform from custom-built solutions.
● Create a strategy for onboarding new businesses and websites from business acquisitions.
● Execute a content management strategy utilizing the centralized platform
● Enable business subsidiaries and business lines to manage their own content, while maintaining a common branding theme.
● Build a PCI-compliant ecommerce site for, a parts replacement site for Chart products to replace the aging, non-compliant existing site.
● Stability – The Chart Industries existing website infrastructure experienced significant downtimes and failures, plus the corporation was rapidly growing. Stability was critical.


Codesummit implemented a robust content management system using Kentico CMS, which leveraged its existing knowledge and infrastructure of the Microsoft platform. Kentico CMS unified the sites into a single installation and database, with shared membership and workflow capabilities. Kentico’s rich set of widgets and page layouts allowed content creators to extend their sites without programming expertise or requiring the software to be redeployed with updates. Codesummit created the Chartparts website within the Kentico eCommerce system, extending the standard components and administration features to meet the unique needs of the business. The site needed to send data to the company’s ERP system for order fulfillment. Codesummit also built custom payment gateway integration to its advanced PCI-compliant solution which uses tokens to store sensitive data. Lastly, Codesummit created a unified branding approach for the corporation and its vertical business units. The successful strategy involved creating a common feel across all sites while allowing each to showcase its own branding which was already known within its respective market. Emphasis was placed on unification, search engine optimization, and sales conversions.



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