June 29, 2015

Only a freakish hybrid can manage all your content…

Most Content Management Systems are good at one thing, and you can probably guess what that is. Just knowing what a CMS is, and does, doesn’t mean you know how to choose one, how to implement it, or what benefits your organization would gain with the selected solution.

Ask your typical IT-type about the various CMS’s available in the market and they will either go into some religious discussion about open-source or how programmers are the only people that could possibly understand anything on this subject. Basically telling you to stay in your corner.

You could also turn to your marketing department and after they are done complaining about the last interaction they had with IT, and how the last CMS still doesn't do what they were promised by the guy who sold it to them, they will start telling you how the only way to really market in today’s interactive world is through establishing a more robust social media plan. Then they will go back to posting to the usual suspects (FB, Li, t).

You need to seek out an alternative, a hybrid, a… freak… the Content Engineer. This is an individual whose purpose in life is to liberate content for all to see, use and share. Like Tron, only without the cool light-up clothing, or like Frankenstein’s monster, but with a larger knowledge of IT acronyms, the Content Engineer knows about Marketing and IT. They are not partial to big, complex IT infrastructures, nor do they care if you use blue or green for your website website header. What Content Engineers care about is connecting your customers to your content in a cost-effective, quantifiable and organized way. They want to leverage the power of Content Management Systems and Enterprise Analytics to deliver real business value.

If your following the CMS marketplace, you see that all the players are getting into the Enterprise Analytics game, which will surely keep the Content Engineer happy and successfully bridging the gap between IT and Marketing. And a happy Content Engineer means IT and Marketing don't have to interact with each other as much, which is good news for everyone.

If you don’t have a person in your organization with IT and Marketing experience, you’re not alone. Most organizations struggle to successfully choose and implement Content Management Systems or Content Strategies, as IT and Marketing seem to be continually at odds. Finding someone who understands both areas, and is focused on the content strategy and the technology that delivers real business value, is something many businesses struggle with. It may be necessary to create this position out of discarded parts of old CIO’s and CMO’s, but it is more likely that you can craft this hybrid by identifying a key individual who can be nurtured into the role.
The important part is knowing that, whatever you call it, a Content Engineer is a real position in an organization who wants to succeed in leveraging CMS technology to successfully deliver content.

Jeffrey Mihalich is a partner and director of marketing at Codesummit and has been genetically modified to be a Content Engineer. He has 25 years experience in advertising and marketing and has a degree in web application engineering. Codesummit is a web development company and one of the top Kentico Gold Partners. They specialize in delivering the optimal online experiences and real business value.

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