A former US Army rocket system fire direction specialist, Brad began developing websites in 1998.  Driven by the desire to become one of the best software developers, his lifelong pursuit to learn all he could about design took shape.

Brad began his software career at a large bank and during the brightest days of the Dot Com Boom, he worked at an innovative startup company building "request-a-quote" insurance products.  Even though that company ultimately dissolved, it's where he found his entrepreneurial spirit.  He founded Codesummit in 2001 and partnered with David Derecskey in '09 and Jeff Mihalich in '12.  

During the day Brad may be found at his treadmill desk tempering developer ideology with business acumen. He is ever focused on evolving Codesummit's vision and unique methodology, sharing it with others, developing win-win relationships and delivering value to clients.

Outside the office, Brad loves spending time with his wife and children -- watching them grow and seeing their personalities take shape.  He also enjoys preparing memorable meals with whole food and pairing them with big wines.  A couple of his favorites are The Prisoner and Gnarley Head.  

Brad reminds himself regularly to live in the moment and never take himself too seriously.


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